February 14, 2012

Valentine's day

Hi again! ^_^

Happy Valentine's day to those who celebrates it!
Or... happy Tuesday to those who are not, XD

Today we have 2 more chapters to release! 
Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo! story 04 (end) (This project is now completed!)
I Will Be Cinderella v03 c04 (Joint with Rosa Negra)


February 13, 2012

3rd Anniversary!

Hi, everyone! :)

Today we're celebrating a very special day for us...
It's our 3rd Anniversary!!!
I want to say a big thank you to all our staff members: active and retired.
Thank you for all the hard work you've contributed to TKS! ^_^
And also big thanks to you, our dearest readers.
Thank you for all your support over the years!
We're very happy that you appreciate our work
and we hope you'll continue supporting us! ^_^

And also, since it's our anniversary today, our another gift -
there won't be a waiting period!
So feel free to download & read our releases!

Without further ado, here are the releases!!!

Honggane v10 c04
World! Bring It On! v08 c04-05
Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo! story 03 (oneshot)

Enjoy! Soon there will be more ^_^

February 01, 2012

New blog!

Welcome to our new blog!
Since we had some problems with our previous blog,
we decided to start a new one.
Here you can find all our released chapters and other useful info.
Also, feel free to comment & also chat at our chatbox :)
And don't forget to visit our forum ^_^

-TKS team