July 13, 2012

More July releases~~~

We come back with more chapters ^_^

We release:
~World! Bring It On! v10 c02.
~Cute oneshot by Kawamaru Shin - Scandalous Honey Extra 1.
~Another World! Bring It On! chapter - v10 c03.
~Confessing Truthfully v06 c29

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July 08, 2012

Long-awaited releases~

Hi, everyone ^_^
Today we have some more chapters for you~~~

Confessing Truthfully v06 c28 - Seda's trying her best to get Jin-Gang's attention xD


We finally release another Honggane chapter - v11 c03! What a cute chapter!!! ^_^  At last, we see the long-awaited moment <3
( About the remaining Honggane chapters - please don't rush us. We're doing our best, but our staff members are busy with their real life. We want to finish this manhwa as soon as possible too. Thank you for your support!~ <3 )

Also, we need more staff to help us with our projects!
Thank you!~ ^_^

July 04, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to all of you, who live in United States! ^_^
We release World! Bring It On! v10 c01.
Later this month we'll also release new chapters of Honggane  and Confessing Truthfully. Plus, we'll start new series :)

Also, we desperately need editors to help us release faster.
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