August 28, 2012

More HMR chapters

Hello, everyone,
we're back with some more Hwang Mi Ri chapters:

I Will Be Cinderella v05 c04 (joint with Rosa Negra)

And the sad part... we are low on EDITORS... T_T
We have a lot of translated chapters, but we lack people to clean and typeset them... So, if you want to help us out - please apply as an EDITOR!  
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August 12, 2012

Another completed project - Honggane

All good things eventually come to an end T_T
Today we release the final two chapters of Honggane.
It was our first project we took more than 3 years ago...
And after a lot of hard work, we managed to finally finish it!!! ^_^

We’d like to thank all the staff who worked with this project! 
Without you, releases wouldn't have been possible.
You all did a great job! *Hugs*

And many thanks to our readers for all the patience and support during the years. We love you all! ^_^

Since you've waited long already, we'll release both chapters at once! Enjoy!~~~
Honggane v11 c04-05 (end)
So, did you enjoy this manhwa? Did you like the ending?
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