December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!


We hope everyone is happy and surrounded by the people they love on this day!
We have also prepared a gift for you - new I Will be Cinderella chapter. 

Enjoy!~ ^_^

I Will Be Cinderella v07 c04 (volume 7 is complete~)

We still need EDITORS for this project, so that we could release faster.
Please help us out - apply!~

December 17, 2014

World! Bring it on! - final chapters

Today we release final World! Bring it on! chapters.
It took us more than 4 years, but we finally managed to finish this, 

(in my humble opinion), one of the best Hwang Mi Ri manhwa's so far...
Thank you all for the patience and support throughout the years. 

Hope you enjoyed this manhwa as much as we have! ^_^

Many thanks to our World! Bring it on! team! To all former and current staff members since 2010 to 2014! Thank you for all your help, we truly appreciate it!

World! Bring it on! v16 c03 & c04! (~The End~)

Enjoy and leave a comment with your thoughts about the ending~~~