March 31, 2013

Easter release~

Hello, everyone!

Hope you’re having a nice Easter! :)
To make it even better, we have some chapters for you:  ^_^
-Kitchen Palette v01 c02
-Scandalous Honey Extra 2 (end)
-Cream v03 c11

And, as always, we're looking for:

Please consider applying!

Enjoy today’s releases~~~

March 17, 2013

Spring begins!~

Hey, everyone!~~~
How have you been? Are you feeling spring already? :)

Today we have two news for you: one good and one... not so good...
First of all, we want to announce that we've officially dropped A Love In 100 Days manhwa... We don't have enough staff and resources to scanlate it, so there was no release for some time now...
We wish that our joint partner Rosa Negra will be able to continue it or maybe some other group will pick it up. Good luck to them~
And now the good news- we have World! Bring It On! chapter ready for you!!!~ 

Let's start volume 14! ^_^
- World! Bring It On! v14 c01 (poor Hyoyi sure can't catch a break... *sigh* )

Also, we're still looking for KOREAN TRANSLATORS, EDITORS/ CLEANERS/ TYPESETTERS. Please apply~!