Scandalous Honey

Author: Kawamaru Shin

Summary: Just like an ordinary girl, Momoka enjoys her boyfriend's company, eating breakfast together, dating, etc. The only difference is her boyfriend, Hiro, is an upcoming actor in the entertainment industry. Therefore their love life has to be kept in secret. But Hiro's manager wants them to break up in order to not taint Hiro's popularity...
Also includes 2 extra stories.

Genre: Romance, Shoujo

Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete)


Chapter 1: Download (released by TCMANGA)
Chapter 2: Download (released by Chocolate Fudge)
Chapter 3: Download
Extra story 1: Download 
Extra story 2: Download

~The End~


  1. thank u so much for picking this up and continuing it! yay! ^^

  2. Thanks for updating this sorry to ask this but how many chapter are there in this series. I've read three ch. and one extra is there one more extra and then some more chapters?

    1. we've finished the main story (ch3 was the last) and there're 2 oneshots (extras): one released & the second one is being translated ^_^

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