February 13, 2016

7 years...

Hi, everyone ^_^

It's been 7 years since Kiwi-chan founded this group. We've finished our main projects: Honggane, World! Bring It On!, Confessing Truthfully and others. 

But, sadly, we've lost a lot of our staff members, so we can't release more... T_T
We want to thank our former staff members for all their help and dedication to this group <3 And also to thank our readers who supported us all this time. We hope you've enjoyed our releases ^_^

Today we release 2 chapters of our last active project - I Will Be Cinderella. 
We plan to release volumes 9 and 10, and we hope that some group will pick up and finish this project (and Cream manhwa too).

I Will Be Cinderella v09 c01
I Will Be Cinderella v09 c02


August 16, 2015

August release

Hello :)

We prepared 2 'I will be cinderella' chapters for you.
Big thanks to our translator Aejay and also to Yuumi, who helped with editing.
Volume 8 is complete :)

I Will Be Cinderella v08 c03 and c04.

May 24, 2015



Finally we're releasing another I will be Cinderella chapter. 
We still need editors for this project, so please consider joining our group ^_^

Enjoy~! I Will Be Cinderella v08 c02 

March 09, 2015

''I Will Be Cinderella'' release


We're releasing another I Will Be Cinderella chapter!
I Will Be Cinderella v08 c01 

We need EDITORS for this project, so that we could release faster.
Please help us out - apply!~

February 13, 2015

6th Anniversary!

And to celebrate we're releasing final Kitchen Palette chapter!!!
Big thanks to our translator Ayumu, who translated all 3 volumes, and other staff members who helped <3
We still need editors for I Will Be Cinderella manhwa. 

If you can help us, please consider joining our group~

-Kitchen Palette v03 c10 (The end)

Enjoy! :)