Dropped projects

Manhwa/Manga projects that we have dropped due to lack of staff, resources or ones we’ve lost interest in.

Since we've already dropped these projects & most of the links are expired, we won't be reuploading them again. Some of these projects were picked up by other scanlators, so please check their sites ;) 

A Love In 100 Days 
Ark (being scanlated by Animanga Cafe)
Bodyguard (being scanlated by Finger Scans)
Girl (Hwang Mi Ri) (being scanlated by Mystic Mizuki Scans)
Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Club (completed by Evil Flowers)
Miunohri To Swan (being scanlated by Faery Scans)
Nae-Soong 9th Grade Project (being scanlated by Chibi Manga)
Shipwrecked (being scanlated by Chocolate Fudge)
Storm (being scanlated by The Oracle)
The Queen's Knight (being scanlated by Evil Flowers)
Trouble Dog
You're My Everything (being scanlated by BAP Scans)