December 25, 2012

Christmas release!

Merry Christmas, everyone!
We wish you all wonderful Christmas~~~

And... here are the releases:
- Girl v02 c03-04 (joint with RN)
- Cream v02 c08
- World! Bring It On! v12 c02

- Confessing Truthfully v07 c33

More chapters:
- World! Bring It On! v12 c03
(Great chapter for Hyoyi and Minha fans ^_^)
- Mitsuzuki - "Kashou no Tsuki" Gaiden story 01
(New volume of oneshots~)

We’re still in need of EDITORS, CHINESE and KOREAN TRANSLATORS.  
Show Christmas spirit and help us out!~ ^_^

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!
Have a great day with your friends and family, lots of food and... lots of manga/manhwa chapters ^_^

Today we release: 
Confessing Truthfully v07 c32. We see an unexpected development in Seda's family... ^_^
World! Bring It On! v12 c01. We sure spoil you with WBIO releases... xD

We’re still in need of EDITORS, CHINESE and KOREAN TRANSLATORS. Please help us out!~
Thank you!

November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Veritus!

Hello, everyone,

today we're celebrating another B-day!
We wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear staff member - VERITUS!!! 

May all your birthday wishes come true.
Thanks for being a part of TKS and we hope you'll stay with us for a long time~ ^_^
We release World! Bring it on! v11 c04 and with this chapter we finish volume 11.

Also, we need more staff to help us with our projects!

October 31, 2012

Happy B-day, Lilacbreeze96 & Happy Halloween~~~!

There are two things that we're celebrating today:

~Firstly, we want to wish a Super Happy Birthday to our lovely proofreader Lilacbreeze96!!! We wish you lots of delicious cakes, great presents and happy time with your friends & family! Thank you for helping us out here at TKS!~
~And Happy Halloween to all our readers! Have a great time going trick or treating~~~! ^_^

We prepared some releases for you:
~We bring back to life Cream manhwa! It took us a long time to release another chapter (sorry about that T_T), but finally it's here - v02 c07!
~And........ another World! Bring it on! chapter - v11 c03!

Also, don't forget that we're always recruiting, so please consider helping us out. 

Thank you!~ ^_^

October 14, 2012


Hey, everyone!
How have you been! Hope you're doing great!

Today we start a new volume of World! Bring it on! - v11 c01.
And good news for WBIO fans - we decided to divide volume into 4 chapters, 

so from now on you'll get longer chapters ^_^

~~~Updated 10.21.~~~
We start final volume of Confessing Truthfully - v07 c31. Seda tries her best to get her boyfriend back...
Also, another World! Bring It On! chapter - v11 c02. Hyoyi and her brother are being bullied again T_T

We are still looking for EDITORS & CHINESE TRANSLATOR.

(we need urgent translation help with one project - so the Chinese translator's position can be temporary).
Please e-mail us at if you can help :)

September 08, 2012

Happy birthday, Shikonhana!


Today we're celebrating our editor's b-day and we have a new release~
First of all, we'd like to wish Shikonhana a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
We wish you all the best and hope you have an amazing day! ^_^
Thank you for all your help here at TKS! <3

We release a new chapter of Confessing Truthfully!
Chapter 30 ends volume 6. Look forward to the final volume!
And... a new chapter of Girl (by Hwang Mi Ri) manhwa!

Updated: we also release World! Bring It On! v10 c05.
With this chapter we finish volume 10!

And don't forget - we are always recruiting
Editors and Chinese translators are very needed!

August 28, 2012

More HMR chapters

Hello, everyone,
we're back with some more Hwang Mi Ri chapters:

I Will Be Cinderella v05 c04 (joint with Rosa Negra)

And the sad part... we are low on EDITORS... T_T
We have a lot of translated chapters, but we lack people to clean and typeset them... So, if you want to help us out - please apply as an EDITOR!  
Thank you!~ <3

August 12, 2012

Another completed project - Honggane

All good things eventually come to an end T_T
Today we release the final two chapters of Honggane.
It was our first project we took more than 3 years ago...
And after a lot of hard work, we managed to finally finish it!!! ^_^

We’d like to thank all the staff who worked with this project! 
Without you, releases wouldn't have been possible.
You all did a great job! *Hugs*

And many thanks to our readers for all the patience and support during the years. We love you all! ^_^

Since you've waited long already, we'll release both chapters at once! Enjoy!~~~
Honggane v11 c04-05 (end)
So, did you enjoy this manhwa? Did you like the ending?
Hit the comments with your thoughts!
And don't forget to thank our staff!~
We like to know that our hard work is appreciated~ ^_^

July 13, 2012

More July releases~~~

We come back with more chapters ^_^

We release:
~World! Bring It On! v10 c02.
~Cute oneshot by Kawamaru Shin - Scandalous Honey Extra 1.
~Another World! Bring It On! chapter - v10 c03.
~Confessing Truthfully v06 c29

Also, we need EDITORS!  If you have some experience with photoshop, please apply!

July 08, 2012

Long-awaited releases~

Hi, everyone ^_^
Today we have some more chapters for you~~~

Confessing Truthfully v06 c28 - Seda's trying her best to get Jin-Gang's attention xD


We finally release another Honggane chapter - v11 c03! What a cute chapter!!! ^_^  At last, we see the long-awaited moment <3
( About the remaining Honggane chapters - please don't rush us. We're doing our best, but our staff members are busy with their real life. We want to finish this manhwa as soon as possible too. Thank you for your support!~ <3 )

Also, we need more staff to help us with our projects!
Thank you!~ ^_^

July 04, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to all of you, who live in United States! ^_^
We release World! Bring It On! v10 c01.
Later this month we'll also release new chapters of Honggane  and Confessing Truthfully. Plus, we'll start new series :)

Also, we desperately need editors to help us release faster.
Join our team! ^_^

June 21, 2012

More releases!

We're back again with some more Hwang Mi Ri chapters:
-Girl v02 c01 - long-awaited new chapter of Girl manhwa is here!!!
-I Will Be Cinderella v05 c01-03 - three chapters of this great manga~~~

Also, we want to wish a happy anniversary to our joint partners from Rosa Negra. Without them these releases wouldn't be possible...
So please drop by their website and wish them a happy anniversary! ^_^

And, as always, we're looking for more staff!
So please consider applying!~

June 16, 2012

Some releases ^_^

Hi, everyone!
Hope you all have been well (hopefully enjoying your summer) ^_^

Today we finally have some releases ready for you:
~World! Bring It On! v09 c05 - with this we finish volume 9!
~Kamen no Pianist - a cute oneshot by Nishikata Mai about a shy boy who's teaching piano lessons the girl he loves.

Also, we desperately need people, especially editors!
We're really short-handed, so please don't hesitate to join us!
Thank you!~~~

May 13, 2012

Birthday release~

Hello, everyone!
We are celebrating a very special day, which, of course,
comes with new releases!

First of all, I'd like to congratulate xS520 - our lovely editor!
Happy Birthday, xS520! May all your wishes come true!
We hope that you will have an amazing day today!
Thank you so much for all the hard work you've contributed here at TKS ^_^

And also, Tasty Kiwi Scans would like to wish all the mothers out there
a Happy Mother's Day!

Today we have:
Confessing Truthfully v06 c27
World! Bring It On! v09 c04

We're still looking for Korean/Japanese/Chinese TRANSLATORS & EDITORS! Please apply!~

May 01, 2012

It's May already!

Time sure flies... It's almost summer!!!
We wish a lot of patience for those who are studying~
Good luck with your exams! :)

Today we release another chapter of Honggane.
There're only 3 chapters left!
And... we'll have more releases for you this month ^_^

We're still recruiting!

April 09, 2012

Easter release

Hi everyone!
I wanted to release these chapters yesterday to celebrate Easter,
but stuff happened and I'm a bit late with this release... T_T
 But it's better late than never, right? xD
Hope you had a great holiday ^_^

Today we:
-start the final volume of Honggane
-finish volume 5 of Confessing Truthfully with long-awaited new chapter
-release another World! Bring It On! chapter.

And, as always, we're still recruiting!
We are
recruiting KOREAN TRANSLATORS & EDITORS! Please apply!

Enjoy new chapters!~

April 01, 2012

April begins~

Hello ^_^
Today we have a release for you!
We picked up another dropped manga - this time it's by Kawamaru Shin.
Scandalous Honey v01 c03
We've released the last chapter of the main story,
but there'll still be 2 side stories.
Next week we'll have more releases for you!~ ^_^

Also, we're still recruiting!
So, if you wish for faster releases, please apply! :)

March 01, 2012

March releases

Hello, everyone!
We have some releases for you:

March 1: volume 4 of I Will Be Cinderella!!!
(joint with Rosa Negra)

March 2: we start a new volume of World! Bring It on!
Check the first chapter of volume 9!

March 7: we release chapter 5 of Honggane.
With this we finish volume 10!
Look forward to the FINAL volume!

March 17: we have World! Bring It on! v09 c02.
Happy St. Patrick's Day if you celebrate it!

And as always, we're recruiting more staff.
At the moment, we are in need of KOREAN TRANSLATORS & EDITORS!
So, please apply! :)

February 14, 2012

Valentine's day

Hi again! ^_^

Happy Valentine's day to those who celebrates it!
Or... happy Tuesday to those who are not, XD

Today we have 2 more chapters to release! 
Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo! story 04 (end) (This project is now completed!)
I Will Be Cinderella v03 c04 (Joint with Rosa Negra)


February 13, 2012

3rd Anniversary!

Hi, everyone! :)

Today we're celebrating a very special day for us...
It's our 3rd Anniversary!!!
I want to say a big thank you to all our staff members: active and retired.
Thank you for all the hard work you've contributed to TKS! ^_^
And also big thanks to you, our dearest readers.
Thank you for all your support over the years!
We're very happy that you appreciate our work
and we hope you'll continue supporting us! ^_^

And also, since it's our anniversary today, our another gift -
there won't be a waiting period!
So feel free to download & read our releases!

Without further ado, here are the releases!!!

Honggane v10 c04
World! Bring It On! v08 c04-05
Sukinara Sukitte Ieyo! story 03 (oneshot)

Enjoy! Soon there will be more ^_^

February 01, 2012

New blog!

Welcome to our new blog!
Since we had some problems with our previous blog,
we decided to start a new one.
Here you can find all our released chapters and other useful info.
Also, feel free to comment & also chat at our chatbox :)
And don't forget to visit our forum ^_^

-TKS team