August 12, 2012

Another completed project - Honggane

All good things eventually come to an end T_T
Today we release the final two chapters of Honggane.
It was our first project we took more than 3 years ago...
And after a lot of hard work, we managed to finally finish it!!! ^_^

We’d like to thank all the staff who worked with this project! 
Without you, releases wouldn't have been possible.
You all did a great job! *Hugs*

And many thanks to our readers for all the patience and support during the years. We love you all! ^_^

Since you've waited long already, we'll release both chapters at once! Enjoy!~~~
Honggane v11 c04-05 (end)
So, did you enjoy this manhwa? Did you like the ending?
Hit the comments with your thoughts!
And don't forget to thank our staff!~
We like to know that our hard work is appreciated~ ^_^


  1. Congrats on a finished project! I've been a lurker who've patiently watched you guys release chapters after chapters of Honggane and this is my first comment to express how thankful I am towards everyone who worked on this manhwa.

    The least I can do, is show my appreciation for you guys who've spent time and effort on your releases. Thank you and know you have the gratitude of many!

  2. Thanks for finishing this series. I've really enjoyed it. I was wondering, do you take requests on mangas? Because there is a series called Ryouko no Shinrei Jikenbo by SHINOHARA Chie. It was finished up to chp 11 when it was dropped. I just wish somebody would complete it. It's a really good series (in my opinion). But thanks again for this series.

    1. Hi ^_^ At the moment we're not taking any new requests. We want to focus on our active projects for now. Sorry...

  3. Congratulations on another project well done! Thank you for all your hard work. I truly enjoyed this series and was looking forward to finishing the story. Thank you!

  4. a zillion thanks for your hard and exhaustic work, and thanks a lot for your titanic effort for complete this marvelous wishes for all of you....

  5. Thanks for completing honggane TKS. Thank you for all your hardwor. I thoroughly enjoyed this manhwa

  6. Thank you so much for ur hard work ^^- , Love it so much <3