June 21, 2012

More releases!

We're back again with some more Hwang Mi Ri chapters:
-Girl v02 c01 - long-awaited new chapter of Girl manhwa is here!!!
-I Will Be Cinderella v05 c01-03 - three chapters of this great manga~~~

Also, we want to wish a happy anniversary to our joint partners from Rosa Negra. Without them these releases wouldn't be possible...
So please drop by their website and wish them a happy anniversary! ^_^

And, as always, we're looking for more staff!
So please consider applying!~

June 16, 2012

Some releases ^_^

Hi, everyone!
Hope you all have been well (hopefully enjoying your summer) ^_^

Today we finally have some releases ready for you:
~World! Bring It On! v09 c05 - with this we finish volume 9!
~Kamen no Pianist - a cute oneshot by Nishikata Mai about a shy boy who's teaching piano lessons the girl he loves.

Also, we desperately need people, especially editors!
We're really short-handed, so please don't hesitate to join us!
Thank you!~~~