Mitsuzuki - "Kashou no Tsuki" Gaiden

Author: Hirai Mari

story 01: there’s a tribe of hermaphroditic wildcat people, who, after their sixtieth birthday, can become male or female based on their partner. The main characters in this story are: a wildcat Kada about to enter its transformation period and its philanderer fiance Koryuu. 
story 02: Lady Shaman returns, carrying a child. When Monkan learns she is pregnant, he has to decide whether to claim the child as his own or protect his position and honor by casting her aside.  
story 03: Kagetsu and Arimasa have finally settled down, and are now raising 1-year-old twins. However, Arimasa worries whether they will be able to live as humans with their demon blood. When the twins' powers begin to manifest, the new danger occurs.

Genre: Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

Status in Country of Origin: 1 Volume (Complete) 

IMPORTANT - please read!
This volume of oneshots is a sequel of Kashou no Tsuki manga. So, if you're reading or plan to read ''Kashou no Tsuki'' manga - you've  been warned ^_^
For others - we're releasing these 3 stories as separate,
unique stories, so please read them & enjoy! :)


Story 01: Download
Story 02: Download
Story 03: Download

~The End~

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