Kitchen Palette

Author: Takada Rie

Summary: Komugi, a wealthy young woman, who loves delicious food, decided to become a chef at the Italian restaurant L'aurora. She was hired on the condition that she would live by supporting herself and on a low pay. But what will become of her, when every single day she's being tormented by the skilled, but sharp-tongued top chef Tetsuri, poverty, and, more than anything, hunger...!?

Genre: Josei, Romance

Status in Country of Origin: 3 Volumes (Complete)


Volume 1: Download
Chapter 1  
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Volume 2: Download
Chapter 5   
Chapter 6   
Chapter 7

Volume 3: Download
Chapter  8  
Chapter  9   
Chapter 10  NEW!

 ~The End~


  1. Thank you so much for your hard work =D ... I love to read this ^^

  2. Hi!!! I really love this manga! Do you intend to go on with translation? Please, don't drop it!

    1. Hi~
      Don't worry, we're working on this project.
      We'll release a new chapter soon.
      Please be patient :)

  3. Thank you for finishing this series. It was a fun read and a good length so the pacing was enjoyable. I hope to read the next one by this author!