February 13, 2015

6th Anniversary!

And to celebrate we're releasing final Kitchen Palette chapter!!!
Big thanks to our translator Ayumu, who translated all 3 volumes, and other staff members who helped <3
We still need editors for I Will Be Cinderella manhwa. 

If you can help us, please consider joining our group~

-Kitchen Palette v03 c10 (The end)

Enjoy! :)


  1. Happy 6th Aniversary and Happy Valentine's Day too :*****
    I hope we spend a lot of years together with mangas so great as the one you finished today :)
    A lot of thanks, love and kisses in this double special day for you :*******

  2. Happy 6th!! That is amazing! Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to bring us great stories. Here's to many more....(^_^)