January 11, 2013

WBIO: the saddest volume so far...

today we start volume 13 of  World! Bring it on! manhwa.
It starts with a very very sad chapter... cry.gif 

Updated: World! Bring it on! v13 c02 (Omg... that voice message... T_T )

And if you want and can help us, please consider applying.
Editors and C/J/K translators are always welcomed~~~ ^_^


  1. For me this chapter was the sadest ever and it will probably be until the end but if we think the authour killed a characther like that for me it was the first time i read and happens this.
    In short nice work and please release the fast you can want to know what will happen next of course everyone has their own life so send when you can

  2. Thanks! Chapter made my cry @___@ I'm such a crybaby!