August 17, 2014

Joint projects

Hi :)

we have 2 news for you: one is good and one... isn't...
Since our joint partners from Rosa Negra disappeared, two manhwas: "I Will Be Cinderella" and "Girl" were put on hold.
After more than a year "I Will Be Cinderella" is back as our active project and we'll continue working on this manhwa by ourselves ^_^
And the sad news: we're officially dropping Girl manhwa T_T 

Since Rosa Negra was providing HQ raws and translator for this manhwa and we don't have enough staff members, we're unable to continue working on this manhwa. We hope, that another group will pick it up soon.

Here's today's release:
~I Will Be Cinderella v07 c01



  1. thhaaaaaaaaaank you sooo much for the new release, sooo happy to see this story cotinue, a bit sad about girl, but relived to hear that atlast i will be cnderella will be continued.

  2. Thank you so much for continuing IWC- I missed this series :-D

  3. Thank you so much for your hard work :)