February 13, 2013

4th Anniversary~~~

Hello, everyone! ^_^

Today we're celebrating our 4th Anniversary~~~!
Aaaaand.......... we have some releases for you~~~!!!

We're finishing two our projects! We finally managed to finish Confessing Truthfully manhwa. It was one of our longest series and we're very glad it's finished! Many thanks to all the staff who worked with this project <3 
Hope you’ve all enjoyed this manhwa as much as we did~
We release final Mitsuzuki - "Kashou no Tsuki" Gaiden story. Big thanks to Ayumu, who provided us the translations for these stories~
Some projects ended, so we picked up a new one!!! For all Takada Rie's fans (and people who like food, xD) we present - Kitchen Palette!
Also, what b-day without your favorite - World! Bring It On! manhwa. We finished yet another volume~ And lastly, we have another Cream chapter!

We want to thank EVERYONE for their support and hard work!

And... here’s our anniversary releases. Enjoy! <3
~ Kitchen Palette v01 c01 (new project~!)
~ Confessing Truthfully v07 c34 (end) (this manhwa is finally complete!!!)
~ Cream v02 c10 (volume 2 is complete)
~ World! Bring It On! v13 c04 (pages 142 & 143... awww... <3 )
~ Mitsuzuki - "Kashou no Tsuki" Gaiden story 03 (end) (the last story!)

Also, please remember that we are still recruiting EDITORS & TRANSLATORS!
Please join us for another great year! ^_^


  1. Happy Anniversary and thanks for the great work you do!!!:)

  2. wonderful, thanks so much for sharing Confessing Truthfully with everyone, and happy anniversary too!!

  3. Happy 4th Anniversary!
    Thank you so much for your hard work!
    And thank you again for completing Confessing Truthfully1 :)

  4. Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!thank you for your releases)

  5. Happy Birthday! Here's to many more!! Thank you for all your hard work and for bringing us these awesome chappies :-)

  6. happy anniversary, and thanks for all the hard work during all those years! may you have many more anniversaries to come